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September 2017

UNMAZE.ME: How to Apply: University of Florida

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With around 31,000 students applying to University of Florida, it is on many student’s college list. This blog is to help you through that process as UF’s college application has unique attributes that other colleges in the state do not have.

For an overview of the entire college process here in Florida, I highly suggest you go take my online class, Florida Universities: How To Apply, as it will walk you through the entire process.

This blog utilized information from an email from Christina Scott, college admission representative for University of Florida, to school counselors throughout her area of SW Florida.

1. Visit- UF likes to see engagement from the students applying. Visiting campus and meeting with university admission representatives can help with the process. Their admission representatives travel all over the state visiting schools and college fairs. Utilizing them during this time is invaluable to the process!

UNMAZE.ME: How to Apply: University of Central Florida

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University of Central Florida (UCF) is the 2nd largest university in the nation, with over 60,000 students in attendance. This allows UCF to offer a wide range of programs and majors to their diversified student body.

With some recent changes to their admission applications, now is a great time to learn how to apply to the University of Central Florida!

1. Visit- UCF offers a robust college visit schedule. They begin with a video about UCF, including their admission requirements, scholarships, and college programs. A tour around campus shows you multiple buildings, and you can stay for a housing visit. Click here to schedule your campus tour.

They also have several Open Houses that high school students can partake in. These are great events to go to as they provide more on-campus activities: Dates are October 28, 2017; November 18th 2017; January 20, 2018.


UNMAZE.ME: How Irma Will Affect College Admissions

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First of all, to all my Floridian families- I hope you weathered the storm and were able to be near your loved ones during this crazy, unexpected, terrifying time. My thoughts are with those still working to rebuild during this time.

As I was thinking of this week’s blog post in aftermath of Irma, I remembered when I lived in Nicaragua and we had about a month off of school due to repeated strong earthquakes that were rattling the country. Unfortunately, besides the learning not taking place, it was during Advanced Placement (AP) testing which caused panic as students and teachers tried to prep for the tests without meeting in person. Contacting CollegeBoard and explaining again and again why we couldn’t test on test dates- let alone get our tests mailed out!- was stressful and downright exhausting.