Graduates find debt, lack of opportunity overwhelming

A great example of why education and economic development leaders must continue to work together. We are glad to be at the table with all of you.

As a high school graduate and with the winds of opportunity seeming to be whirling around my mind as I consider what could await my future, I took the advice of our society in going to college. I had a goal of wanting to pursue my “American Dream” and make a positive impact on my community before I reach a ripe age of retirement. I attended Florida Gulf Coast Universitywhere I majored in Health Services Administration. As I went through my undergraduate, I began to think about what I wanted to do once I graduated. I found an interest in health law, so I decided that I would pursue a career as a health law attorney after graduation. I worked part-time at Starbucks, attended college full-time, and managed to study for the LSAT before taking it in June 2014.

I continued on into my senior year of college eager to graduate and enter into the next chapter of my life. I led a research team where we worked with the Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida researching the benefits of exercise for persons with Parkinson’s disease. As I graduated in December 2014, I was offered advice by the CEO of a healthcare company to build some work experience before jumping into law school. I thought this was wise counsel so I went on the job hunt.

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