FutureMakers Coalition’s goal is to transform Southwest Florida’s workforce by increasing the percentage of working age (25-64 y/o) adults that hold the post-high school credentials to 55% by 2025. The coalition’s outcomes demonstrate significant achievement gaps for Black and Latinix and Hispanic students of all ages. In order to meet our goals, we believe we must change the policies, practices, and beliefs that are resulting inequitable outcomes.

Our point of view


Everyone has a right to a real opportunity. No matter where you come from, what you look like or how much money your family has, everyone should have what they need to learn, grow, and thrive.

But opportunity isn’t equal; It depends on who are and where you come from.

When we talk about systems change, we are talking about policies, practices, and beliefs – rooted in history and still affecting people today – that keep many Black, Native Americans, and Latinx and Hispanic people from the education and skills they need.

These systems unfairly hold back students who are seeking a better education and a better life.

We can make opportunity real by taking real action to remove barriers for these students, and make education and workplace work better for everyone. When we ensure real outcomes for every student, we can right the wrongs and achieve just and fair outcomes for all.