The FutureMakers Coalition was formed in March 2015 as part of the Southwest Florida region’s inclusion in Lumina Foundation’s Community Partners for Attainment, a program of 75 community cohorts throughout the country dedicated to significantly increasing the percent of residents with college degrees and post-secondary certifications and credentials.

The regional initiative in Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry and Glades counties is comprised of a growing number of educators, workforce developers, business leaders, economic development professionals, government officials, residents and students dedicated to finding solutions together. We believe every idea and inspiration increases our success and we welcome anyone to become a FutureMaker.

Southwest Florida needs more brain power.

During the next decade, businesses throughout Southwest Florida will need more qualified employees to ensure their success and the region’s economic health and viability. Our communities, our cities, our region are only a smart as our residents

The FutureMakers Coalition is committed to transform the workforce by increasing the number of degrees, certifications, and other high quality credentials to 55% by 2025

Together, as FutureMakers, we will overcome challenges faced by traditional and nontraditional students, creating and supporting a culture of aspiration, completion and careers. Collectively, this regional initiative will explore and implement creative solutions to ensure educational access and attainment in the five-county Southwest Florida area.

We know there is a wealth of untapped brain power and potential in our region. Tens of thousands of first-generation students, underemployed adults and others who for financial, time constraints and a multitude of reasons have never pursued or completed post-secondary education and training.

Through our alliance with Lumina Foundation, the FutureMakers Coalition will get more students in the physical and virtual classroom through a unique network of partners. Partners who mirror every segment of Southwest Florida’s demographics – from government, education and business leaders to nonprofit organizations and residents and students who step up to become FutureMakers.

Here’s where you come in. The FutureMakers Coalition believes in the power of numbers and understands that only through multiple and diverse perspectives will we move the pendulum forward. Everyone in this area is a FutureMaker with ideas and talents to offer.

Can we count you in? Become a FutureMaker by clicking here to sign our virtual wall.