Workforce Employer Survey: Spotlight on Housing

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The high cost of housing – either to rent or to own – and the influence it has on the local workforce and economy continues to dominate the news. In the recent Workforce Employer Survey**, 100 Southwest Florida (SWFL) organizations were asked if their organizations experienced employee turnover and – if yes – to indicate (to the best of their knowledge) the primary reason(s) why the employee(s) left their organizations.

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**NEW** Resilience and Diversification Regional Action Team

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FutureMakers Coalition is excited to announce the formation of the new Resilience and Diversification Regional Action Team led by Peter Oscody, PhD, Founder, PreneurDomain.  This new Regional Action Team is focused on ensuring our region’s workforce and economy are resilient by cultivating a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. Toward that end, entrepreneurial education is an indispensable cornerstone in the development of a thriving economy, especially in regions like Southwest Florida where small businesses and startups play an instrumental role. These enterprises not only create a dynamic economic atmosphere but also fortify the economic resilience of the area. By cultivating an educational environment that emphasizes entrepreneurial skills and mindset from K-12 onwards, we can set the foundation for a more robust and adaptive future for Southwest Florida.

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