FutureMakers share values. We are all responsible for our region’s educational systems and economic opportunities. We work together using low-risk, high-trust, rapid-cycle learning processes to pilot projects, evaluate their potential, and replicate best practices and lessons learned throughout Southwest Florida.

If the educational and economic systems are not working for everyone, it means we are not working together effectively. In this context, systems are simply how we work together. We believe if something is not visible, it is not solvable. The FutureMakers have an ever-evolving Collaborative Structure that illustrates how we are working together along the cradle-to-career pathway in achieve our 55% goal:

Cross-Sector Collaboration

No single entity can transform our workforce and our collaborative structure is populated with 315 individuals form diverse industries and over 100 organizations. The following illustrates a 2019 snapshot of the coalition partners by industry:

The FutureMakers Coalition’s Backbone Organization and Guiding Team convene leadership and nurtures relationships between content experts and key stakeholders, who make up Expert, Regional Action, and Project Teams. The work drives our collaborative structure and teams morph as needed to make progress towards transforming Southwest Florida’s workforce.