Daniel’s Story

My parents have always told me that I have the potential to do great things and that God has something in store for me. I was born on June 5th, 2003, and according to my family, I was born prematurely. They told my frightened mother that I may very well not survive due to my small size, I was no bigger than a simple water bottle, perhaps even smaller than that. In my family’s eyes, it seems that fate hasn’t decided for my story to end there and allowed me to keep living. That experience I had within my first days on Earth inspired me to work hard every day and to appreciate the small things in life, an essential lesson that I believe everyone should learn. My family continues to push me in my academic work and I can see my parents have experienced and done so much just for my siblings and I. My three other siblings and I were able to grow up better than they have and I am extremely grateful for my supportive family. My goal for the future is to study under construction management and to be able to give my children and my future family a better life than I had. I want to take care of my aging parents for everything they have done for me these past sixteen years and for many more. I want to show to my two younger sisters that anything is possible if they work and hard to fulfill their dreams. I won’t allow an opportunity to better myself to go to waste and to continue bettering myself to overcome any obstacle life has in store for me.