Meet the FutureMakers


Through Deva for Good, my focus for Future Makers has been building collaborations with entities that can make a difference, creating awareness of the initiative, brainstorming ideas, and inviting others to participate as they can.

One organization where I see great success is the I Will Mentorship Foundation (IWMF). IWMF provides innovative programs that make education more exciting and accessible for at-risk youth, in collaboration with local schools, government entities, churches and other organizations. Their focus is on helping youth become engaged with education as they go through the turbulent transition from childhood to adolescence; a transition that can often derail their lives. This is accomplished through evidence based mentoring programs, STEAM projects, and educational assistance, which provide youth with hope and awareness of the opportunities that education can provide, and empower them to pursue a path towards positive change through education.

The IWMF program is so impactful because it addresses the reasons why many youth drop out of school, and motivates them from within, which is the only way that true change can occur. And by working together with others towards common goals, IWMF transcends its own limitations, and creates something much greater than each entity alone could achieve. I believe this “something greater” is what will be required, if we are to achieve the Future Maker goals.