Meet the FutureMakers

By Jonathan L. Romine, EnSite, Inc.

EnRichment is more than a clever play on EnSite’s name to denote its commitment to increasing educational opportunities for youth in Southwest Florida. The design, planning and engineering firm maintains a special focus on sustainability, which applies to more than environmental impact – it means adopting a holistic view of the needs of the community and developing a responsible growth strategy for the company. A community cannot be sustainable without a robust future workforce that is properly educated to anticipate the next generation’s challenges. EnRichment means improving the baseline level of education in the community so it can achieve the fullest, most vibrant expression of itself, and densely seeding the community with experts to define its identity far into the future.

Another EnSite focus is connectivity. It manifests in our urban planning designs and public-private partnerships, but also in our approach to engaging youth. Students readily connect to the “why” as it relates to their studies when they participate in programs like STEM@Work, STEM business tours, Career Exploration Nights and AVID Programs. Our outdoor classroom design projects also enable kids to connect with nature while at work on their studies.

EnSite staff is involved in mentoring programs with the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools and Big Brothers and Sisters. By being a positive role model for at-risk youth, we help them understand it is up to them to create their destiny. We encourage all community leaders to identify similar opportunities to enrich the lives of young people and empower them to CONNECT to their future.