They don’t want us to graduate

All my life I had thought that my teachers were one of my main supporters not only to graduate but pursue other activities. But just recently I found out that many kids at my school disagreed with this belief. They feel as if the teachers and educators are the main people that don’t want them to graduate. They even went on to make their senior shirts say “they don’t want us to graduate” as a memo that there’s these obstacles in front of them that prevent them from graduating but they will overcome that. This common idea that’s going on in my school of educators not wanting them to graduate came shocking to me because maybe the classes that I am put in show me what goes in to graduate and the help that they provide in order for me to graduate. It came clear to me why they had thought this because of the disconnect between them and their educators. I feel as if these kids were able to see what educators do in order to help them graduate they wouldn’t have the feeling that they do.