UNMAZE.ME: 4 Ways to Utilize Your School Counselor

By October 17, 2017 March 28th, 2019 News

It is officially time to say goodbye to this year seniors, and start looking at the rising To begin your college process, there are multiple ways to ease the anxiety that comes with college admissions. One of the key ways is to know how to utilize your high school counselor efficiently and effectively.

  1. College Visits- this is the time of the year that many college admissions representatives are coming to individual high schools to speak with students about their college, programs, and what they offer overall. This is a great opportunity to start finding unique schools that may be a good “fit”. A suggestion is not to just go to schools that you know of or are thinking of applying to. I have had students go into a visit completely oblivious to the school, to walk away with multiple scholarships and deciding it was their perfect “fit” school. Also, by listening to what the admission representatives are saying, as a senior you will begin to understand the application process and key words to look for when looking at all schools. See the link College Terminology: Admission Process (http://www.unmaze.me/community/2016/6/30/college-terminology-3-admissions-process) for more of these words and definitions . Ask your counselor which schools are visiting and which ones would fit your interest areas.