UNMAZE.ME: How Irma Will Affect College Admissions

By September 25, 2017 News

First of all, to all my Floridian families- I hope you weathered the storm and were able to be near your loved ones during this crazy, unexpected, terrifying time. My thoughts are with those still working to rebuild during this time.

As I was thinking of this week’s blog post in aftermath of Irma, I remembered when I lived in Nicaragua and we had about a month off of school due to repeated strong earthquakes that were rattling the country. Unfortunately, besides the learning not taking place, it was during Advanced Placement (AP) testing which caused panic as students and teachers tried to prep for the tests without meeting in person. Contacting CollegeBoard and explaining again and again why we couldn’t test on test dates- let alone get our tests mailed out!- was stressful and downright exhausting.