UNMAZE.ME: Mental Health for Students: Anxiety

By April 11, 2017 News


Nobody said high school or college was easy — in fact, there will be many moments in which students find themselves feeling anxious, whether it be over meeting new people or preparing for an exam. College is also a time when people are still learning more about themselves and growing at a rapid pace. With so much going on, it’s completely normal to get anxious. I mean, who wouldn’t get anxious over having to juggle many assignments, take rigorous exams, meet new people, and take on a part-time job? Don’t feel bad if you feel anxious, because chances are, many other students are in the same boat.

While a certain degree of anxiety is acceptable, it’s important to know when it’s going overboard. Similar to depression, anxiety can easily escalate into something more harmful. With that said, students who feel that their anxiety is affecting their quality of living should most definitely consult a mental health specialist or counselor to determine the type of anxiety they have and figure out the best solutions to overcome it before it’s too late.


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