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UNMAZE.ME: Understanding What ACT and SAT Means for You

By October 13, 2017March 28th, 2019No Comments1 min read

I receive a lot of questions regarding the ACT and SAT tests. What they are, when best to take them, what it means for college admissions. While some schools are moving away from using standardized test scores for college admission, for most schools it is a big part of the college admission application. Not only is admissions connected to your score, but often times scholarships as well. A few extra points here and there can make a big difference (see my recent post about the how a few points for ACT/SAT could mean 100% free tuition!).

For this blog post, I am not going to into the theology of the test and all the arguments for or against. The thing you should know is that they are necessary for most four year universities. Two year state or community colleges will also use it, but may have other tests you can take such as theĀ PERT.

Here are some basic questions I get frequently.