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UNMAZEME.COM: How to Maximize your High School Years with Academic Planning

By March 20, 2018No Comments2 min read

As parents and students we ask- Are we on the right track academically to be accepted into colleges or to earn the scholarships we need to make college affordable?

This is the reason I  specifically created the Ready, Set, College! Guide to the Florida College and University System Workbook to help parents and students through the high school to college process with as little stress and ease as possible.

As you begin this process, here are some things to ask/ consider ensuring the right high school academic plan is made.

1. Begin Planning Early

In most school districts, there are a variety of different schools out there for everyone, with many different academic and extra-curricular activities. Even in small schools with little choice, there are many things that parents are just not aware of so they do not ask the right questions. Knowing the names of programs and what is available either at the high school, off-campus, or online can be instrumental in the academic planning process.

Planning is key to ensuring your student has the best possible situation they are able to have. You do not want to say at the end of it, “I didn’t know they had that opportunity.”

2. Questions to ask Yourself, School & Local Community

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