Workforce Development: Bold Goals

Building a skilled workforce has been an important focus for not only FutureMakers Coalition, but businesses and organizations across the country, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Talented workforce is just one of the topics our guest Dakota Pawlicki discusses in this episode of Talent Talk. Dakota was the Strategy Officer for Community Mobilization at Lumina Foundation at the time of this recording, another important organization in analyzing talent attraction. Currently, he is the Talent Hub Director at CivicLab. He shared with us Lumina’s philanthropic strategy behind assigning Talent Hub designations, which are communities across the nation that are exemplars for significantly increasing the percentage of residents with an education beyond high school. He also explained Lumina Foundation’s goal of having 60% of Americans having an education beyond high school and people’s reaction to this bold, time-bound goal. Lastly, he talks passionately about the important role community-level work plays in Lumina Foundation achieving this goal.