‘Complete Florida Military’ Helps Vets Get Their Degree

By July 13, 2015 News
Photo Credit Complete Florida dot com

A program headquartered at the University of West Florida is trying to help veterans complete their college degrees.  Complete Florida is a statewide initiative sponsored by the Florida legislature to recruit and retain the state’s 2.2 million adults with some college and no degree.

Implemented through a partnership of eleven public and private higher education institutions across the state, the program helps people who have some college credit complete the work needed for their degrees.

Advisors, or coaches, are provided to guide people through every step of the various programs involved.  “Complete Florida has a great coaching staff, and that is to me truly the lynch pin and difference between our programs and any other program out there,” said Marc Churchwell Director of Operations for Complete Florida. “Truly the coaches are key to our success and the key to so many of our students’ successes as they go through the University of West Florida.”

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Photo:Credit Complete Florida dot com