Higher Education: Shifting the way we do business

By November 19, 2020 March 25th, 2021 Podcast, Season 1

In this episode of the FutureMakers Coalition Talent Talk we chat with the president of Hodges University, Dr. John Meyer. John shared his postsecondary experience as an adult learner and how it has helped him in his current position and allowed him to support his students. He also shares common barriers adults face that prohibit them from getting a higher education, and how the education system should take them into consideration and design programs to help priority populations complete their degrees. Dr. Meyer expresses the need for collaboration between employers and colleges and universities and gives advice to small businesses who are having difficulties growing their business and finding skilled and qualified workers. He also tells us how he, as the president of a University, is helping his students thrive amid a pandemic and economic crisis, and some things he believes need to change in our education system and workforce to assist people in Southwest Florida get jobs and make a livable wage.