NEWS-PRESS.COM: Guest opinion: When your work is also your calling: Becoming a healthcare worker

By July 20, 2020 News

As the novel coronavirus began its rapid spread making a global impact early this year, we collectively found ourselves shifting to a new paradigm of behavior which has changed all our lives. The topic of discussion was this coronavirus: “How does it spread?” “How do we stay safe?” “Are our hospitals prepared?”

A global pandemic, at the time, sounded like some blockbuster movie, but as reality would present itself, it was in fact real life. In the volatile and uncertain environment, we looked to our healthcare workers around the country for guidance — physicians, nurses, researchers, administrators, and so many more integral roles. Communities began to rally around healthcare workers, and a very different contagion began to spread around the country — gratitude and love. Front-line healthcare workers received myriads of thanks and appreciation for being the trusted caregiver at the bedside providing compassionate care to all patients.