Padrón’s Career Built on Making American Dream Accessible

By May 12, 2015 News

The spectacular Miami skyline view from Tuyo, a ­new dining restaurant that sits atop the Miami Dade College Culinary Institute, punctuates the world-class vision of Dr. Eduardo Padrón, who is celebrating 20 years as president of Miami Dade College this year. Padrón named Tuyo — which means “yours” in English — himself, and Tuyo, which rivals the best restaurants in the region, is a concrete example of what Padrón is talking about when he says that Miami Dade College is a “dream factory.”

“As I always say, we would like to see this place and we believe this place is a dream factory where a student can come and achieve their dreams, and that’s how you create an equalized community,” Padrón says.

“One of the greatest issues we have in America today is the divide between the haves and the have nots, which is growing. It’s a worldwide problem, and it is something that institutions such as Miami Dade College can help in bringing about significant solutions, allow people to believe in themselves, because, like me, many students come to us because they feel this is the only ticket to a better life, the only ticket to the American dream, to the middle class,” Padrón adds.

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