From humble beginings

My story begins May 25th, 1999. I was born to two loving but slightly illogical parents. My father is from the Hawaiian islands and my mother is from Ohio. I came into this world, to my surprise, second behind my sister Endya. In my early years I resented her for that fact and truly coveted her title as “Oldest”. She was able to order food off the adult menu, sleep on the top bunk and ride in the car no booster seat required. Ahh she had it all. Fast forward 12 years and that envy/jealousy has melted into love and benevolence as she is my best friend to this day. Me and my bestie were born in Ohio and I lived up until my early teens. During my early developing years I never saw my dad much probably due to the fact he was on a rock in the North Pacific Ocean. Although I did start to see him more when I decided to move in with him at the impressionable age of 14.

By this time my dad had moved back to the mainland to help take care of his grandfather in Florida. Seeing this as an opportunity to gain a more balanced upbringing, i packed my things along with many snacks in preparation for the perilous two hour flight, destiny had booked for me. After I had conquered my journey through the sky we landed and I called the sunshine state my home for the past 5 years . Florida had some pretty big changes from Ohio to get used to. I had to adapt to 1 season, living with my dad and step mom, and the cherry on top, home school for the first time. Well I tried….and I got really good at soaking in that sunshine, oh my tan got so much better! As far as the other things. I’m a very social person so home school went off like a lead balloon. My step mom and I had a reliable tension between us. Probably cause we spent so much time at home together. Once it was clear that home school was starting to sink my fresh high school career I transferred to the mighty Charlotte High, home of the fighting fish. That was were I got the full high school experience. I had an absolute blast, I met new people, i got into theater, had many laughs and I even joined a dance crew. I wanted to come to school because of the abundance of fun just waiting for me. Although I was having the time of my life , i wasn’t making many educational strides. I felt lost and overwhelmed academically and I didnt receive much, if any help. After a few months we decided to give home school another college try. This time having a better foundation for what both methods of schooling are like. On this shot at Homeschool I did better as expected. I had a better feel for it and knew what it demanded. On this second attempt I lasted longer than before and started to notice myself socially slip. I felt more and more anxiety in social settings, which scared the daylights out of me. I had never experienced terror group settings before, I was the opposite. But with my newfound shackles, the solitude of my room became my comfort. Shutting myself in was freedom. That anxiety ruled my life for that time and I missed out on a lot of opportunities. After some time in home school again, I found myself in a tough spot. My home situation was taking a dive and my online classes were becoming a mounting source of stress. I  wasnt understanding the material being taught so I became impressively behind. I felt like I wouldn’t graduate and the walls of my world were closing in. That time was dark for me, I couldn’t clearly see the way out. Then the Academy happened. I interviewed about a year and a half ago nervously and uneasy. Looking back, i couldn’t have made a better choice. That school helped me to grow and make me sure I can do whatever my heart desires. Endless thanks for them. That is pretty much chapter 1 of my story, with a sequel coming soon.