Hello my name is Daicika Avrilien. Live for me has not always been so great. But school has always been that one place where I go a forget about the outside world. Now I see why I love school so much. When I was just 8 my parents got a divorce. It was not a pretty one. There was a lot of lawyers. For always a one year me and my sister had to move to my aunts house in Miami. Worst year of my life. I had never been away form my mom fro that long. After that year the divorce was over. My mom lift with me and my sister and we moved to another house. It was really cheap. My mom only had to pay 600 dollars a month for it. But the house was falling apart. But my mom never said anything. I guess she was trying to make me and my sister not see how bad things was. My mom started to work at MacDonald. To pay the bills. Going to school for me was like heaven. For 8 hours I did not have to worry if we had food, if the light was going to get cut off. All I had to worry about was my grades. But my grades were so bad. I never got higher then a D in elementary. I had an IEP. Still have an IEP. In 5th grade I got a teacher named Mrs.Fernader. She was the frist teacher that gave me homework. Best teacher every. By the time I got into height school i was getting all kinds of awards. Form that one teacher who seen something in me. that I had never did. In middle school my mom moved to Lehigh Acres. I want ti Lehigh Acres Middle school. That was theĀ first time I had be bullied. I was bullied everyday at that school. For the first time in my life i didn’t want to be at school. I hated school. I remember every morning I would try to my mom so I did have to go. She always made me go. Then I foundthis one teacher. We called him Mr.L. I always want to his class when i was have a hard time and during lunch. Then I started to love school again. Then my mom moved back to sancarlos. In middle school i went to three different school each year because my mom keeped moving. But my grades were always good. Let me go to the end of this story.My mom still works a MacDonald. My dad is just now starting to come. My grades are all A’s. I guess what I am saying is that live is hard. So you need to look for that one place were you can go that makes you happy. I love school so much. Because its the one place where I forget about the outside.