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Spotlight: Shallyn Sims

By December 7, 2021No Comments2 min read

Deciding life choices after high school can seem overwhelming- Are you doing the right thing because you want to do them or because of what others are saying? For me, pursuing a degree was about the sense of accomplishment. The understanding that no one else can take away something I worked for. The path to earning a degree didn’t always go as planned as we know life rarely does. As family, finances and career opportunities took priority. The opportunity to explore career options became more of an idea and less of a motivating factor. The supporters and employers I worked for provided a turning point. This shift occurred and I realized that the personal journey is what would make the degree all that much more worthwhile.
Being a FutureMakers Navigator, I able to share my firsthand knowledge with others about the options they have and the choices they can make to change their lives with a certification or degree. As a current adult learner, I understand the many complexities of staying motivated, while working towards a certification. I am glad this role allows me to support my peers.