Student Voices: Finding your passion

By January 8, 2021 March 25th, 2021 Podcast, Season 1

Meet Paul Volperian, an adult learner at Florida Gulf Coast University. After many years of dedication and hard work, Paul will be graduating in the fall with a degree in Integrated Studies and a minor in Education! In this episode of the FutureMakers Coalition Talent Talk, he shares his educational journey, the barriers that prohibited him from finishing his degree his first time at FGCU, and what motivated him to go back. He also tells us the benefits of FGCU Complete for him and adult-learners alike, but also gives his advice to institutions of higher education on how to address aspects of the college experience to better cater to adult-learners and make them feel more included. Finally, Paul shared valuable advice for anyone thinking about going back to school, but is hesitant because of their first experience, and advice for high school students and parents of high school students on their journey into higher education.