SWFL Equitable Jobs Pipeline Update December 2023

By December 11, 2023 News, Newsletter

The SWFL Equitable Jobs Pipeline team continues to work daily to upskill the regional workforce and stimulate economic development, which will continue to build and expand a strong economic future for Florida.

RFP Sustainable Partnerships for SWFL Workforce Pipeline Overview

The Southwest Florida Equitable Jobs Pipeline is actively seeking employer partners in Southwest Florida who are enthusiastic about sustaining workforce development initiatives in four key sectors for both new and existing employees: PK-12 Education, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Healthcare through participation in the Equitable Jobs Pipeline.

Funded Programs

There was an error on the flyer published in the November newsletter, please see the updated newsletter.

Click on the flyer to open the full list of training opportunities powered by the Equitable Jobs Pipeline project.

Should you require guidance in connecting with any of these programs, don’t hesitate to reach out to a FutureMakers Navigator to connect you by clicking here: FutureMakers Coalition Navigators

*List of programs will be updated as additional training programs finalize funding.

Reconnector Success Story

One of our Reconnectors, employed as a phlebotomist at Lee Health, is presently pursuing her final two semesters in the bachelor’s in nursing program at Hodges University. Unfortunately, she recently found herself homeless, prompting her to make the difficult decision of sending her 3-year-old son to live with her mother in St. Lucia to spare him from residing in a car while she completes her degree and secures stable housing.

Recognizing her dire situation, we directed her to the Affordable Homeownership Foundation for assistance in locating affordable housing. Additionally, she was connected with various shelter programs to address housing needs for both herself and her son.

To support her in her academic journey, we have assisted with tuition, study
preparation, and transportation expenses, ensuring that she can successfully
navigate and complete her program. During a time when she was on the brink of giving up due to a series of hardships, she found a glimmer of hope through our program.

Maintaining regular communication, she is aware that she can turn to her designated Navigator whenever she faces uncertainties about where to seek the necessary help. Despite ongoing challenges, she is on track to graduate in May 2024. Buoyed by the knowledge that she is not alone, she remains determined to overcome obstacles and provide a better life for herself and her son.

Partner Convenings Update

Sectoral partner convenings will be held during the monthly system alignment team meetings. Sector specific teams will include employers, education partners and non-profit organizations with the intent to address the workforce and education needs in our region. The links to sign up are below and/or can be found on our website: www.FutureMakersCoalition.com/Events.

Get Connected!

Our Navigators want to connect with you! The FutureMakers Coalition Navigators are ready to work with adults wanting to get a credential to upskill or start their career. These free services allows Navigators to walk along side you to help you be successful! Check out the map below to see who we are working with in the region.


Upcoming Events

December 8th-Manufacturing and Logistics Alignment Team
This team brings together employer partners, postsecondary institutions, and non-profit organizations to work on manufacturing and logistics workforce.


December 14th-Healthcare Alignment Team
This team brings together employer partners, postsecondary institutions, and non-profit organizations to work on healthcare workforce.


January 9th-Workforce with Unique Abilities Team
This is the FutureMakers Project Team brings together partners to bring awareness to employers about the benefits of hiring working aged adults with unique abilities.


January 16th-Aspiration & Preparation Regional Action Team Meeting
This team is focused on getting students ready for education beyond high school and the workforce.