Workplaces: Equity and cultural competence

By December 1, 2020 March 25th, 2021 Podcast, Season 1

Our guest this episode is Dr. Nicole King-Smith, a certified culture consultant who works with organizations in the private and public sectors on ways to improve equity and cultural competence on internal and external fronts. Dr. King-Smith shares her passion for generational change and the qualities we are seeing in our region’s future skilled workers, and how organizations must establish inclusivity practices now to accommodate for the incoming workforce. She also addresses the adaptations the workforce has made in the face of COVID-19, particularly the hospitality and tourism industry, and gives her advice to workers in these businesses who have been affected by the pandemic. Dr. King-Smith elaborates extensively on her Equity work, including her role on the FutureMakers Equity Action Team, her perspectives on racial and ethnic disparities in her field, and finally, tips and guidance for organizations looking to implement equity practices.