Newsletter: June 2021

FutureMakers Partner Spotlight: 

Partnership Health Report
FutureMakers Coalition is not an organization, but a network built around relationships, so that is why we felt it was important to revisit our Partnership Health. Over the past couple months, we have analyzed data across many platforms to obtain information to include in this report. We gathered data from almost 100 FutureMakers through a survey sent out in February, determined how many followers we have on our social media platforms, calculated how many people visited our website over the past year, and much more in order to determine the health of our partnerships.

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Working Revolution

FSW Student Voice Report

FSW students participated in FutureMakers Coalition’s first Student Voice Summit focused on college students. This spring, 61 students shared their perspectives and experiences by completing the Student Voice Summit survey, and 32 students attended the virtual event held on February 23, 2021. This report shares insights gained from both the survey and feedback gained at the Student Voice Summit.

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Get Involved

Calling all FutureMakers!

Are you looking to get more involved with FutureMakers Coalition and your community? We are currently developing a new Expert Team, the Policy Team! If you are interested in joining this team, please email Shawn Khan at [email protected].

Upcoming FutureMakers Events

Regional Action Team Quarterly Meetings:
  • Access & Entry Team – July 15, 9 am Register
  • Aspiration & Preparation Team – July 21, 12 pm Register
  • Persistence & Completion Team – August 16, 2 pm Register
Equity Conversations:
  • FutureMakers Intro to a Conversation About Structural Racism & Implicit Bias – June 11, 1 pm Register
  • FutureMakers In-person Conversation About Structural Racism & Implicit Bias – June 18, 9 am – 4 pm Register
  • FutureMakers Intro to a Conversation About Structural Racism & Implicit Bias – June 24, 12 pm Register

Courageous Conversations

FutureMakers Coalition launched a podcast, Talent Talk, hosted by Tessa LeSage. These conversations dive deep into the ever-changing world of talent and economic development from the perspectives of those designing, working in, and experiencing these systems.

In this episode of the FutureMakers Coalition Talent Talk we hear from Kristen Vanselow, the Director of Operations for FGCU Complete. Kristen describes what the FGCU Complete program is and their goal of welcoming back adult-learners, removing barriers to degree completion, being more inclusive for this student population, and personalizing the experience for adult-learners. She discusses the difference between student groups and the different challenges they face depending on life experience. Kristen also shares with us FGCU’s definition of “stop-out students” and this university’s dedication to welcoming these students back and doing everything they can to create an environment in which they can thrive and finish what they started.

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A Tale of Two (City) Schools

When I took on the project manager role for FutureMakers Coalition’s Data & Reporting Team, one of my personal goals was to learn about the various sources of education and workforce development data that the Coalition’s Action Teams use to guide their efforts. The upcoming annual Education and Workforce Outcomes Report relies heavily on federal and state databases and presents data at the regional and county levels for the five counties in southwest Florida. Past newsletter articles have explored other data sources that allowed us to drill down further to specific county zip codes. This article continues the exploration of data sources at the school level.

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What We Are Reading

A comprehensive game plan to better serve adult learners of color

Community colleges can play a key role in helping adult learners of color prepare for jobs — especially as the economy revs up — but it will require a keen eye in designing, implementing and marketing programs and services that appeal to them, says a report by the Community College Research Center (CCRC).

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Public colleges shock students by sending them to costly debt agencies

With the large increase in tuition prices, students can easily be forced to make the decision between paying for school and other expenses. Also, debt can increase by nearly a third in several months in some states due to fees and interest.

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